Symptoms and Treatment

Pregravid preparation: what tests should be taken when planning a pregnancy?
Before planning a pregnancy, it is important for a woman and her partner to undergo a series of tests included in pregravid preparation. Diagnosis and timely treatment directly affect the…

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Rotavirus: signs in children
What are the signs of rotovirus in children? The baby may have strange symptoms in which the parent may suspect the disease. Feeling sick can be caused by rotaviruses. Most…

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Allergy to tangerines symptoms
During the New Year holidays, until February, the most common allergy to tangerines in children. For some reason, it is these citrus kids who overeat the most. It is difficult…

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What is the size of Mantoux: the norm in children

Many readers are interested in what size Mantoux is the norm in children? To answer this question, we offer a comprehensive study.

What you need to do Mantoux

Mantoux reaction is a minimally invasive and informative method for identifying the causative agent of tuberculosis – infection with Koch mycobacterium. With its help, early diagnosis is possible when there is no symptomatology. Tuberculosis is an infectious and inflammatory disease, most often affecting the respiratory system. Less common are foci of inflammation in the bones, eyes, kidneys, and other organs. For centuries, there was no cure for this disease, and the fate of the sick was a slow fading. In the 20th century, antibiotics, vaccines, and Pirke test appeared. It became known what the size of the Mantoux should be – the norm in children. However, even now the epidemiological situation for tuberculosis is extremely unfavorable. Therefore, the role of tuberculin diagnostics cannot be underestimated. Continue reading

The norm of hemoglobin in children

Got the baby’s tests and want to understand if everything is normal with hemoglobin? We will help you deal with the results of medical research! Read what values ​​this indicator can take and at what point to start sounding the alarm. Each time, receiving a blood test of our child, we try to figure it out on our own. However, it is difficult for mom and dad, who do not have a medical education, to understand if there is a difference between ROE and ESR, as evidenced by an increased platelet count and what is the normal hemoglobin level in children.
We propose today to consider in detail the last question, so that parents do not have questions.

What is hemoglobin?

It is formed in red blood cells (red blood cells), which, when inhaled, are saturated with oxygen. Its task is very important – it combines with oxygen molecules and delivers them to those tissues that need it. In addition, he takes carbon dioxide from the cells and transfers it to the lungs so that a person exhales it. Continue reading

Symptoms of pneumonia in a child

It is important for parents to know the symptoms of pneumonia in the child in order to take action in time. Pneumonia (pneumonia) can lead to dangerous complications. Inaction or inappropriate treatment leads to them. It is easy to make a mistake with medications, because there are many diseases with similar symptoms. It is often difficult to determine exactly what the baby is sick with; everything else, pneumonia is divided into types. When the child noticed the first symptoms of pneumonia, then immediately go to the doctor.

Signs of pneumonia in a child

Depending on the age, the child may have different signs of pneumonia. Usually the first signals of the disease begin on the behavioral side. Then parents notice that something is wrong with their health. Continue reading

Autism in children: signs

According to experts, autism can manifest itself in children even in infancy. It is customary to attribute the diagnosis to disorders. It is caused by disorders of the nervous system and brain development. It is wrong to believe that this violation deprives the child of a full life. Autists can adapt to the outside world, communicate with people, work and make their dreams come true. In the material: “Brilliant autists: happy creators with super features”, many great names. They argue that autism in children needs to be redefined from a different perspective.

Autism in children: signs by which a diagnosis can be recognized

The sooner parents reveal signs of autism in children, the easier it will be for them to understand the child. Some mothers and fathers are perplexed why the baby behaves strangely. They try to force him to do something, but they cannot. They want to see from him adequate reactions, emotions, but this does not happen. Continue reading

Worms in children: symptoms

Kids begin their acquaintance with the outside world and its objects with the help of their mouth. Whatever the kid’s field of view, no matter what interesting things meet on the way, all this must be grasped and certainly appreciated for taste. The result of such studies is not only an expanded horizons, but also parasites that easily get inside during important experiments. Therefore, parents should know the symptoms of worms in children. What childhood diseases take first place in the world? Of course, diseases caused by worms. It is proved that at the age of about one and a half to three and a half years, the possibility of infection with parasites reaches almost one hundred percent. While the parents are struggling in every way with the habits of their child, trying to protect him from what he should not try, the child finds new, even more interesting places for himself, which means even more “scary” for parents. How to identify worms in children with symptoms and clinical picture – this will be discussed below.

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Hemangiomas in children: methods of treatment, what are the possible complications
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Roseola in children: what is the "sixth disease"
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Chickenpox in a child
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Worms in children: symptoms
Kids begin their acquaintance with the outside world and its objects with the help of their mouth. Whatever the kid’s field of view, no matter what interesting things meet on…