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Signs of depriving a child. Causes and treatment of the disease

Noticing any oddities with the skin of a child, one can suspect signs of lichen. This disease affects people at any age. By this word is meant dermatosis caused by fungi or viruses. It is often easy to confuse lichen with allergies, eczema, or measles. Therefore, to help the baby you need to know the signs of depriving a child. The difficulty is that there are several types of skin disease that differ in symptoms. Be sure to consult a doctor to find out the exact diagnosis. Especially if itching has been observed for several days, and hair in the area of ​​spots falls out. Lichen can spread throughout the body. If you see strange spots or changes in the skin with itching in the baby, then limit contact with others – lichen can be infectious. Therefore, it is forbidden to attend kindergarten, school, circles, playgrounds.

Types of lichen in children

Depending on the cause, lichen in children is divided into types. A dermatologist can make a preliminary conclusion after the examination, a laboratory study is prescribed. There is nothing to worry about. The baby will simply take skin samples from the surface of the affected areas.

Types of lichen in children:

Pityriasis versicolor (multicolored);
flat red;
pink lichen;
Also, there are other types: scaly lichen (psoriasis), weeping (eczema).

Most susceptible to dermatosis are children under 5 years old. They have delicate skin and often weaker immunity. In addition, it’s difficult for a fidget to track whether he washed his hands or not.

Reasons for depriving
Lichen – cause different fungi or viruses. In addition to infection from a sick person, there are additional factors that provoke dermatosis. Knowing them, you can reduce the risk of the disease.

Reasons for depriving:

Weakened immune system. The body is more difficult to cope with viruses and fungi;
Sores, cuts through which bacteria and infections penetrate;
Hormonal disorder;
Contacts with street animals;
Synthetic clothing. Natural fabrics are recommended;
High sugar level;
Non-compliance with hygiene. Explain that you need to wash your hands before eating, after going to the toilet, walking;
“Bath skin” or maceration – a change in the skin with prolonged exposure to water. The epidermis softens, becomes wrinkled.
After the child has been ill with deprivation, he can become infected again. Therefore, preventive measures must always be observed.

Signs of depriving a child

Below, you will see signs of depriving a child in accordance with the type of disease. To alleviate symptoms, do not wear tight clothing or synthetic fabrics on the child. Including pay attention to pastel linen. Cotton, linen, calico are preferable.

Pityriasis versicolor (multicolored)
The people also call the “solar fungus.” It is believed that it is not transmitted to other people. This type of lichen occurs in children in adolescence. The causative agent is a yeast-like fungus. They are always on the skin of a person and pose a threat only in certain circumstances. For example, hormonal failure during puberty. Another provoking factor in pityriasis versicolor in children is a hot climate. The disease occurs simultaneously with other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system.

Signs of multi-colored lichen in a child:

The spots are small in size with clearly defined borders. As a rule, reddish, brown. Damage area: shoulders, armpits, back, chest and neck. Depending on the season, they may look darker (winter) or lighter (summer);
increased sweating;
Depriving a child of this kind is caused by the chickenpox virus. Interestingly, after recovering from chickenpox, the virus does not leave the body. He “falls asleep” and subsequently may again appear in the form of shingles. Parents need to remember that such a skin disease is transmitted even by airborne droplets.

Signs of shingles in a child:

In the first stages, when there are still no characteristic signs on the skin, weakness and fever are already observed;
Itching, stitching on the skin;
Pain begins, and then spots appear on these places;
The spots are pink, swollen. A few days later, yellow papules appear on them – yellow suppuration. Then in the papules, the liquid becomes a transparent color.
Lymph nodes are enlarged;
After a week, the transparent bubbles dry out. In their place, crusts form.
After the spots have passed, pain may persist.
As a rule, spots cover the area between the ribs, lower back, back and chest. As a result, the virus can lead to other diseases. For example, Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which can lead to hearing loss.

Flat Red (Wilson’s versicolor)
What leads to this skin lesion, doctors have not yet figured out. Among the provoking factors: diabetes mellitus or gastrointestinal tract disorders, heredity. It is quite rare in children. It is not transmitted from the patient to other people, but dermatologists do not recommend neglecting the precautionary rules. There are over 10 forms of lichen planus.

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