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My son hurts a testicle. Genital problems

Mom knows what to do when the child has a fever, cough, runny nose. But complaints about the pain in the testicle of the son, can confuse even dad. Most parents think that genital problems can appear already at the stage of puberty. But this is not so, and even infants face diseases.

Some symptoms indicate serious illnesses that require immediate treatment. Be sure to take your son to the doctor. There is nothing to be afraid of – it is scary to remain in ignorance.

Will it go by itself?

It is impossible to hope that the problem will be solved by itself. Ignoring the disease can lead to infertility, impotence, removal of the testicle. Treatment and diagnosis should be carried out by a qualified specialist.

We speak frankly
The child may not even say that his testicle hurts. This is a very intimate conversation. Therefore, it will be easier for the boy to share his experiences with dad. It is important to build trust. If there are problems with the genitals, then let him boldly turn to his father, grandfather, uncle. Explain what he can say about the illness to mom, she will lead to the doctor. The sooner treatment is started, the easier and faster it will end, unlike the neglected stages.

But still, according to some signs, you can notice a change in behavior: grabs the genitals, sits with difficulty, does not run, the face gives out pain. Ask your child for permission to examine him. Do not force it. If hesitate, then ask who he will allow it to be done.
What should alert:

High body temperature, accompanied by headache, nausea, combined with pain in the testicle.
The testicle that hurts is significantly enlarged.
There is redness, swelling, or bumps.
The veins on the scrotum are pronounced, convex in shape.
Elevated temperature in the testicle area is dangerous for sperm. The inflammatory process has probably begun.
Severe pain on palpation.
It is normal when the testicle resembles an egg, and its widest part is at the bottom. A change in shape or displacement is cause for concern.
How to prevent and not repeat the problem
Intolerant of the toilet! Toxins are retained in the body, the bladder suffers – this leads to the development of genitourinary diseases. Children often endure when they play too much, they watched the cartoon. Wean from the habit of enduring.
Visit a doctor with a frequency of 1 time per year. Systemic examinations and observations by a specialist – will identify the problem at an early stage. So, parents will know that development is proceeding correctly.
We wear clothes in size, check that the belt does not over-press. Underwear should not crush or constrain movement.
Causes of pain in the testicle area
The most common reason for boys, lovers of active games and sports.

If the injury was slight, then let the boy lie down calmly. You can attach something cold to the site of pain, and after half an hour make a warm bath. If necessary, give the pain medication that the pediatrician has authorized you. If the pain does not recede, then consult a doctor.
In case of a strong blow to the genital area, remove the pain syndrome with painkillers and go to a specialist.
If the cause of the injury was a sharp object, then treatment at home is not possible. We call an ambulance.

Testicular torsion
It happens that the testicle changes its position. In this case, the spermatic cord twists, interrupting the flow of blood, blocking the seminal duct. This occurs abruptly, with severe acute pain. This can happen even in a dream, why the boy can cry out. Why this happens has not yet been clarified. It is known that this is not associated with physical activity.

This is inflammation in the area of ​​the appendage of the organ. The pain, as in the case of “torsion”, is sharp and sharp. She gives in the groin, stomach, lower back. The diseased testicle rapidly grows in size, as does the inguinal lymph nodes. The boy often runs to the toilet “a little”, but the process is very painful. Incontinence is possible. There may be some blood in the urine. With epididymitis, the temperature rises to 40 ° C, chills and nausea begin.


Infection with bacteria (chlamydia, gonococcus), most often intestinal. Less commonly, fungi and mycobacteria become the cause.
Complication after viral diseases.
Organ Injury
Testicular tissue inflammation. It increases, it hurts, redness and swelling are possible. The boy’s headache, nausea, fever.


Diseases of the reproductive system (infectious and inflammatory nature).
Mumps (mumps).
Heavily Influenza.
Weak immune system.
Inguinal injury.

It arises due to the expansion of the veins of the spermatic cord. The disease has 3 stages. Initially, the pain can be mild, rare. It is accompanied by burning and itching in the inguinal region. Noticeable increase in scrotum and veins. It is difficult to identify the first stage, it is not accompanied by pain. Enlarged vessels can be felt only by asking the boy to take a standing position.

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