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Intestinal infection in children: symptoms and treatment

Acute intestinal infection in children is not particularly seasonal. This ailment is divided into types, depending on the etiology. The cause of acute intestinal infection in children can be: dysentery, salmonella, if infection, viruses, bacteria and fungi. Therefore, the probability of children getting an intestinal infection is in the cold season.

Acute intestinal infection in children: symptoms

The main symptoms in children that indicate acute intestinal infection:

diarrhea (loose stools more than 3 times a day),
nausea, vomiting may occur
may increase body temperature up to 39 ° C and above.
Intestinal infection: treatment in children
For some reason, many treat acute intestinal infections in children with antibiotics. Especially popular is levomycetin. But you need to consider that most of the OCI are viruses. Therefore, antibiotics may not work. And this means that time will be wasted in vain, and the child will be dehydrated.

Children with suspected OCI are urgently hospitalized. Diarrhea, vomiting, fever – quickly removes fluid from the body. There is a rapid loss of electrolytes (salt). All this leads to dehydration.

What to do to parents

To water
The best option is a saline solution (diluted 2 times Regidron, Biogaya OPC, Humana electrolyte. By the way, the latter is with different tastes.
In second place – dried fruit compote, sweet tea, green, black. If the child does not want to drink any of the above, then give any other drink that he wants.
If the baby is breast-fed, then breast milk is a priority.
Some mothers complain that the child generally refuses to drink anything. Understand, doctors are not wizards. We cannot force your child to drink if even parents cannot. There are two options for the development of the situation. First, you drink it with a spoon or a syringe of 10-15 ml with an interval of 10 minutes. The second, the child will be put in a hospital where they will put droppers on him.

Intestinal infections in children cannot be cured by fasting. Feed your baby as he wishes. With such an ailment, dairy products, cereals (without milk), mashed potatoes, drying, crackers and pasta will be acceptable.

When urgently need to call an ambulance?
There are a number of reasons why you need to urgently call a medical care team.

Pampers baby dry for 6 hours or more.
Blood appeared in the baby’s stool.
Indomitable vomiting that you cannot handle.
Symptoms are accompanied with severe headache.
The child is constantly in a forced position. That is, he took a pose that gives him some relief, and does not change it.
Inappropriate behavior, possibly agitated or inhibited.
In such cases, urgently call an ambulance. Try to stay calm so as not to scare the child.

To make an accurate diagnosis, you must consult a doctor. The specialist will determine the cause of the OCI and select an adequate treatment regimen.

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