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Allergy to tangerines symptoms

During the New Year holidays, until February, the most common allergy to tangerines in children. For some reason, it is these citrus kids who overeat the most. It is difficult for parents to control the amount eaten by the child. Especially when guests are at home, you need to set the table, everyone communicates. Often the older generation asks the child not to lean on sweets and give the children citrus fruits instead. Of course, well-meaning. After all, they are sweet, healthy and contain vitamin C, unlike sweets. And suddenly you find a strange rash on the skin of a child, it begins to itch a lot. What to do if parents are allergic to tangerines in children.

Allergy to tangerines symptoms
Symptoms by which you can determine the allergy to tangerines in children. Inspect the skin.

A rash of small red spots or large. It occurs primarily on the face, hands or chest;
redness of an indefinite form;
We observe the breath of the child.

Breathing hard;
swelling appeared in the nose, possibly around the mouth;
transparent color runny nose (allergic rhinitis);
dry barking cough;
tickling, tickling throat.
Also, symptoms of allergies in children to tangerines are observed in the eyes. Don’t let your baby scratch your eyes. It will not be easier from this, but it can cause an infection.

Tears flow;
swollen eyelids;
eyes itch;
squirrels turn red.
Also, the child may have a stomach ache, diarrhea begins. Nausea is possible, after which vomiting may open.

Predisposition to allergies;
kidney disease, gastrointestinal tract;
substandard fruits. Citrus fruits are treated with chemicals that allow them to be transported over long distances. Therefore, they do not deteriorate. It is better to buy fruits that have arrived from countries near you;
binge eating.
Usually it is the last reason that provokes an allergic reaction. The body reacts sharply if there is an excess of any substance in it. Histamine begins to be actively produced. The result of this process is reflected in the human body and well-being.

What to do to parents

Ventilate the room, even remove citrus fruits. It is necessary to help the digestive tract and cleanse the body of toxins. You can give your child activated charcoal or a more powerful enterosorbent. Call a doctor, because allergies can go into Quincke’s edema or anaphylactic shock. A specialist will examine the child; you may need to be tested. Until this time, antihistamines are prescribed. They stop the production of histamine and the baby’s health returns to normal. The doctor takes into account the age of the patient and his contraindications. Antihistamines come in many forms. For example, ointments, creams and gels are suitable for external use. They treat the skin areas on which the rash is localized. For allergic conjunctivitis, drops are prescribed. If rhinitis is especially pronounced, then nasal sprays with an antihistamine effect are suitable.

There are folk treatments that are not so effective. They can help alleviate the condition of the skin, but first you need to talk with your doctor. After all, it is not known what other components the baby has an allergy or intolerance to.

Allergy treatment is carried out until all symptoms disappear. In rare cases, only hormonal treatment can help the child. It is important to follow all the instructions of the allergist to avoid deterioration. In the future, the baby will have to adhere to a hypoallergenic diet. What can be excluded from the diet a specialist can say only by the results of analyzes. Be sure to find out the degree of allergy in the child. How much contact with the product should be avoided. Some children should not be in the same room with the allergen. You need to know this to avoid dangerous situations.

If the baby is allergic to tangerines, this does not mean that all citrus fruits are contraindicated. Consult an allergist to find alternatives. For example, grapefruit.

Prevention of allergic reactions
What to do to prevent allergies:

Keep track of how much fruit the child ate. Everything should be a measure.
With care, introduce foods with a high allergic coefficient into the baby’s diet.
Buy fruit at trusted locations. Do not take them in dubious retail outlets, spontaneous markets, roadside tents.
Wash fruits thoroughly.
Do not give citrus peels, even after washing. Some chemicals are deeply absorbed into the skin so that they cannot be washed.

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