Looking for reasons: vomiting in children without fever
There are many diseases that are accompanied in children by vomiting without fever. Perhaps this happened unexpectedly. The child could feel well and vomiting abruptly opened. In some cases, well-being…

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If the child "has possessed a demon." How to calm a nervous child
Passers-by think that a demon has infused a child. To outsiders, he seems aggressive, hyperactive, not childishly irritable. Carers or teachers complain of restlessness and temper. Parents can only make…

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My son hurts a testicle. Genital problems
Mom knows what to do when the child has a fever, cough, runny nose. But complaints about the pain in the testicle of the son, can confuse even dad. Most…

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Vitamin deficiency in a child: causes, symptoms, treatment

In a child, vitamin deficiency develops due to a deficiency or lack of any vitamin. In some children, the body is not able to absorb them. Symptoms of this ailment greatly affect the condition of the baby. Treatment should be started immediately.

Key features:
Vitamin deficiency in each child can manifest itself in different ways: from dizziness to distracted attention. There may be headaches, nausea. The child begins to tire quickly. Dryness and irritation occur on the body. Only a doctor after examination and examination can find out what kind of vitamin a child is lacking. He can also prescribe vitamin complexes to improve his condition and give recommendations for adjusting nutrition. Continue reading

Symptoms of diabetes in a child

Diabetes mellitus in a child is manifested by the same symptoms. There are 4 types of disease, 1 and 2 are the most famous and widespread. MODY diabetes is rare, and gestational diabetes is only in pregnant women. To determine exactly the type of ailment and begin treatment, you need to contact an endocrinologist. Even the doctor will not be able to establish the type of disease without a test. Therefore, trying to find out the diagnosis at home is pointless. But you need to read what are the symptoms of diabetes in a child. So you can start treatment on time.

Symptoms of diabetes in a child: a list

The child may have symptoms of diabetes at any age. Most often, the first signs appear in 5-8 years, as well as during puberty. In the case of type 1 diabetes, the disease develops rapidly. Parents can even name the exact week when they notice a change.

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Allergy to tangerines symptoms

During the New Year holidays, until February, the most common allergy to tangerines in children. For some reason, it is these citrus kids who overeat the most. It is difficult for parents to control the amount eaten by the child. Especially when guests are at home, you need to set the table, everyone communicates. Often the older generation asks the child not to lean on sweets and give the children citrus fruits instead. Of course, well-meaning. After all, they are sweet, healthy and contain vitamin C, unlike sweets. And suddenly you find a strange rash on the skin of a child, it begins to itch a lot. What to do if parents are allergic to tangerines in children.

Allergy to tangerines symptoms
Symptoms by which you can determine the allergy to tangerines in children. Inspect the skin. Continue reading

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Torticollis is a disease in a newborn. Causes, symptoms and treatment.
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