Pharyngitis: Symptoms and Treatment of Red Throat Disease
Symptoms of pharyngitis do not differ in age, therefore, the manifestations are the same for adults and children. Pharyngitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat. Soreness…

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All about flat feet: transverse and longitudinal, how to treat and prevent
Flatfoot is a change in the shape of the foot of the foot when its longitudinal or transverse arch is lowered. Most often, girls and women are affected. This causes…

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Audiological screening. Newborn hearing test
Any mother understands that after the baby is born, an endless series of tests and examinations does not end. Only now observations are made not of the pregnant woman, but…

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Rotavirus: signs in children

What are the signs of rotovirus in children? The baby may have strange symptoms in which the parent may suspect the disease. Feeling sick can be caused by rotaviruses. Most often, children under 5 years of age become infected with it. At first glance, it may seem that the child has caught a cold or ate something wrong. Often, rotovirus signs in children are just such. Later doubts begin to creep in, that the matter is not in food. The condition of the child begins to worsen. If adults can get the disease out, then complications can be avoided. Infection with the virus is seasonal. In Russia, outbreaks are observed from November to April. Among patients with this diagnosis there are more boys.

Interestingly, the spelling “rotovirus” is often used in colloquial speech and writing. In medical terminology, the disease is designated “rotavirus infection”, from the name of the viruses by which it is caused. Continue reading

The rate of ESR in the blood of a child. Reasons for low and high ESR

When diagnosing diseases, doctors check the rate of ESR in the blood of a child. Not many people know what ESR is and how this indicator reflects the state of human health. However, this analysis is able to find out about the presence of serious diseases in the early stages. What is ESR and why can it deviate from the norm in children? What is the norm of ESR in the blood of a child from zero to 18 years in the table.

The norm of ESR in the blood of a child:
ESR – what is it? How is ESR measured?
Table 1: Norm of ESR in children from 0 to a year
Table 2: The norm of ESR in a child from one year to 18 years
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Looking for reasons: vomiting in children without fever

There are many diseases that are accompanied in children by vomiting without fever. Perhaps this happened unexpectedly. The child could feel well and vomiting abruptly opened. In some cases, well-being worsens gradually. Vomiting in children without fever is a symptom that should alert. This indicates any violation in the body. Understanding the problem yourself is difficult. But you can act by exclusion. Remember what the signs of the baby were not observed in parallel. The main thing is not to worry. In children, vomiting occurs frequently. It is advisable to show the patient to the doctor. The specialist can prescribe tests that can determine the etymology of the disease. If cases occur once, but several times a month, be sure to visit a doctor.


The child vomits without fever and diarrhea;
Serious reasons why a child feels sick and vomits without fever;
What to do to parents if the child vomits without fever.
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