How to recognize rickets: signs in children
Symptoms of rickets in children are caused by a violation of phosphorus-calcium metabolism. In this case, the musculoskeletal system is affected, defects in the internal organs are detected. There is…

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Lactose: intolerance symptoms and diet. Refusal of "milk" - not a cure
The first symptoms of lactose intolerance can occur even in infancy. Some babies cannot process milk properly. Hence the problems: poor weight gain, changes in the regularity and quality of…

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10 reasons to see a reproductologist
When planning a pregnancy, every woman wants her to come as soon as possible and proceed without complications. But sometimes pregnancy, for some reason, does not occur for a long…

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clinical abnormality

A child grinds his teeth in a dream: reasons. Creaks in the afternoon

There are various reasons why a child grinds his teeth in his sleep. There are similar incidents in the afternoon, when the child is awake. What does this behavior mean? Can this be considered a sign of illness? Parents start to worry about a lot of questions. The child grinds his teeth in his sleep – we will consider the reasons below in the list. Usually close ones notice strangeness: parents or grandparents. After all, who else can follow the sleep of children. Teachers of a kindergarten, a teacher can report about a daily grinding by teeth. Here you will find why the baby can do this in the daytime. A similar phenomenon in medicine is called bruxism – tooth grinding. This will help to find the source of the problem and solve it.

Rattle can happen periodically or daily. Lasts from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. In this case, the phenomenon occurs involuntarily. In some children, bruxism can occur with short breaks during the night. Continue reading

Torticollis is a disease in a newborn. Causes, symptoms and treatment.

Torticollis in a newborn child is a disease of the muscles and spine, in which the baby’s head is constantly tilted to the side. It appears due to abnormal development of muscles in the cervical region. Outwardly, the torticollis looks as if the baby laid his head on his shoulder. The disease must be treated immediately after its diagnosis. The longer the treatment of torticollis in a newborn is delayed, the more difficult and longer it will be necessary to eliminate it.

Signs of torticollis in a newborn
The congenital appearance can be noticed immediately after the birth of the baby until he reaches half a month of age. Acquired may be a consequence of the disease. Also, the curvature of the neck appears due to the incorrect position of the child in the crib, when the baby is always on one side.

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Urticaria in a child: treatment, causes and symptoms

Urticaria in a child – sudden red itchy rashes on the body that require treatment. It can manifest itself as an allergic reaction to any irritant that is not always easy to establish. Strong urticaria can be dangerous for a child if not treated promptly. How to recognize urticaria in children and what should parents do?

Urticaria in a child: what is important to know?
Signs in children
The main symptoms of the appearance of urticaria in both a child and an adult include:

Red spots on the body;
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Signs of asthma in a child
If a child has a dry cough, this may be one of the signs of asthma, one of the most common diseases occurring in a chronic form. In such a…


Vitamin deficiency in a child: causes, symptoms, treatment
In a child, vitamin deficiency develops due to a deficiency or lack of any vitamin. In some children, the body is not able to absorb them. Symptoms of this ailment…


Intestinal infection in children: symptoms and treatment
Acute intestinal infection in children is not particularly seasonal. This ailment is divided into types, depending on the etiology. The cause of acute intestinal infection in children can be: dysentery,…


Symptoms of a concussion in a child
Such head damage as concussion very often manifests itself in children. Moreover, a head injury (traumatic brain injury) is in the first position in pediatric traumatology, requiring urgent arrival at…